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The best shaved ice, snow cones, frozen treats, holidays season tamales and breakfast tacos since 1990.

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Serving best shaved ice snow cones, holidays season tamales and breakfast tacos since 1990.

Our flavors has made J’s Shaved Ice the choice of shaved snow cones in Austin, TX. Our shaved ice dessert recipes inspired by the classic snowballs of New Orleans. Now offering Breakfast tacos as well. Every meal we prepare features high-quality meats and produce sourced from our suppliers. We simply produce things the old-fashioned manner. Our dedication to excellence starts with our handcrafted breakfast tacos, delicious rice paired with beans and our flavorful salsa made from scratch. We invite you to sample generations of our family’s handcrafted recipes. 

At J’s Tamales, the most crucial element in all of our products is quality. We are happy to supply the highest quality ingredients to our consumers. Every meal we prepare includes high-quality meats and produce from our suppliers. We just make things the old fashioned way. Our dedication to excellence begins with our handcrafted tamales, delicious rice paired with beans, and our savory made-from-scratch salsa. We invite you to try generations of our family’s handcrafted recipes.

Truth be told, tamales are really Texas’s best holiday dish. And Austin restaurants and food trucks are making it easier for those seeking traditional food this season, either by keeping the corn husk-steamed item on the menu all year long or offering seasonal specials for pickups and deliveries.

We offer Tamales during the holiday season from November until mid-January

Our Food Policy

Our food policy is simply good food all the time and great service whether it is tamales, breakfast tacos, snow cones or shaved ice.

Our Core Values

When you’re hungry the best breakfast tacos are the ones closest to you. But we set out to find the best breakfast tacos in town, which are worth going across town to eat. The project involved dozens of newspapers, several gallons of gasoline, heated debates about the merits of red salsa and green salsa, and close encounters with hungry grackles. And now, after eating hundreds of tacos, we can confidently tell you about 20+ places in their own class. These are the best breakfast tacos in Austin.say that the reason that we opened J’s Breakfast Tacos is to create an authentic breakfast taco experience.